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A yellow labrador puppy looking up at a person.

Indoor Winter Activities

If you live in a cold winter climate like I do and don’t particularly like to be in the cold for a long time, it can be even more challenging to keep your dog entertained. However, many indoor activities help prevent boredom and give your dog physical and mental stimulation.

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Private dog training

Helping to Prepare Your Dog for Festive Holidays

The latter quarter of the year can be very festive for people, given the number of holidays that are celebrated. But this also means a lot of activity, food, and chaos in the home that your dog may not need or be thrilled about. Here are some ways to help

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Breed-Specific Rescues

If you are considering adopting a rescue dog but also have love for a specific breed, finding a breed-specific rescue is a great option. There are many advantages to looking into this option when looking for your next furry family member. Advantages of Using a Breed-Specific Rescue Knowledge of the

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A yellow labrador puppy looking up at a person.

Socializing Your Puppy

If you are a dog parent, you have most likely heard the term “socialization.” But not everyone understands how important it is or how to do it effectively. Many dog owners automatically think it means socializing their puppy with other dogs, but it is so much more than that. Understanding

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A white west highland terrier with a stick in his mouth.

Dog Body Language

You may have heard the term “dog body language”, but what does it mean? To most people, dog body language means a snarl, growl, snap, or bite. The truth is dogs communicate with us long before they resort to those types of behaviors. So, having a better understanding of dog

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