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We’ve taken several classes with Beth and she is the perfect partner in training your canine. Beth is everything you want and need in a trainer - informed, patient, kind and experienced. Her approach completely made for a seamless transition to our “new dog home.” Beth eliminated any of the frustration or guess work with our dear Winnie. We would highly recommend Beth Hurley to anyone (which means everyone) who needs a professional dog trainer to address the behavioral issues which are common to dogs.
Jon and Allie H.
I am so pleased with my experience with Beth Hurley! I have a rescue dog that I needed help with. She really took her time getting to know us, asking a lot of questions to know what we needed. Beth even went above and contacted another trainer to ask for input on an issue with my new dog. I met with Beth 4 times and am planning to sign up for another session with her. She was on time to her appointments which I really appreciated since my time is as valuable as her time is. I loved her handouts, easy to read and remind me of the lessons shown to me and I am happy to say my dog is doing great!!

I feel I have made a friend in Beth, she is a wonderful, compassionate trainer and I can't wait to meet with her in a month or so to show her how good my Zoey is doing.

Thank you Beth, I am so glad to have called you.
Mindy S.
"We were blessed/cursed with a very rambunctious Labrador puppy named Stella.  She would NOT train and my husband and I were at a loss.  Knowing that many people give up their Labrador puppies for just this reason (biting, chewing, not obeying), we were determined NOT to throw in the Labrador towel.  However, how to accomplish this.  THE ANSWER IS BETH.  Beth came over to our house and in no time at all had Stella obeying commands and becoming a wonderful member of our family.  It was surprising and magical.  Moreover, BETH TAUGHT US HOW TO ACHIEVE exactly what she knows how to achieve -- a well behaved dog who is an integral part of a happy family.  I don't know what we would have done without Beth.  THANK YOU, BETH, for everything!  I highly recommend your services."
Belinda G.
Beth, I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how happy I was to have found you right when you relocated here. You were so kind with Rosie ( and me!) and really started us off on a good foot early. It was fun watching her with you. She liked you so much.

You are awesome with what you do.

Your reading material is excellent.

I was just so happy with your puppy program.

Thank you again,

Sandra F.
Beth Hurley is a "Life-saver" for both people and dogs. I hired Beth when my husband came home with an un-wanted puppy. It was either get rid of my husband or the puppy, but thanks to Beth, I was able to keep both. She immediately began by training both puppy and husband, and now after 3 short months , they are both more obedient and respectful. Of course, the dog is surpassing my husband in verbal commands, but hopefully that will come in time. Beth is professional, patient, and she snapped that puppy into shape in no time. If you have an opportunity to have Beth train your dog, jump on it, because she’s the best. Dogs love her, and people too. After all, she saved my marriage and my dog.
Amy S.
We highly recommend Beth Hurley! She is not only professional, but also caring, competent, and an amazing dog trainer. Her patient, positive, confident demeanor and ability to effectively explain and demonstrate the training tasks made the process easy to follow and we could not be happier with the results.
Karen, Chloe & Mason
I was very lucky to have met Beth Hurley. Apart from being a wonderful person, she is a fantastic dog massage therapist. Lula enjoys her massage enormously and becomes very relaxed while she is getting it and becomes very calm. I recommend every one that owns a dog to get one for them.
Martha G.
After following your direction, and taking your advice Ely's barking is now under control. He now sits when we open the door, and I'm capable of walking him all on my own. My bond with Ely has gotten much much stronger since using the tips you gave me. On top of my husbands surgery leaving him unable to walk Ely we recently found out I'm pregnant, so your help could not have come at a more prefect time! We have tried other dogs trainers but they were not nearly has helpful. Our dog has all the confidence he needs and now so do we. My husband and I can not thank you enough for all your help, and the hand outs as we still refer to them.
Samantha R.
Hi Beth, Thank you so much for all your help in training our puppy Hanna! I love your approach of positive reinforcement, which is very different from my childhood days.  We will definitely keep up with the training because it works and Hanna is eager to learn! We enjoyed working with you! Thanks again!
Patricia V.